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love playmoss, but...

the app keeps crashing. consistently. it’s slow to load, too. but once it loads, if it can go without crashing, it’s wonderful quick fixes, really. hope they get to those bugs!


takes forever to load and glitches constantly. having to reset the app every time.. also can't add songs that are restricted on youtube and blocks soundcloud songs and doesn't load vimeo songs :/


love everything about this app; only problem is that the music stops playing once i leave the app, but that’s expected since i’m pretty sure most of the tracks come straight from youtube. great app regardless, though.


it used to be good but recently stopped being able to play in the background

P good I guess

It’s pretty nice it’s just that I’d really like it to play when I exit the app


I was so looking forward to this as a viable alternative to 8tracks, but was disappointed in one major aspect. I'll get right to the point: What good is music app that doesn't have background play? Please fix this issue immediately.


when you open the app the screen is enlarged and blurry. when i try to play a playlist, the music skips then closes the whole app out. i really hope this an be fixed because i was looking forward to using this app.

I just downloaded this

Why has it already crashed 4 times when I downloaded five minutes ago?


The app just started to crash, I can’t play songs on it anymore at all. Every time I press on a song it buffers and then the whole app crashes.

Great! but one issue...

The app is nice and simple and pretty easy to navigate! I was confused as to how to add music after creating a playlist, but I managed to figure that on my own. Though, the thing that that I'd like to change is if we could listen to the music in a playlist without it pausing as soon as we exited the app or turned off the screen.

I'm the major of bummertown

I'm bummed about the new update that makes it so you cant exit the app :( but I understand why they had to but still, makes the app much less useful

great! ...for the most part

this app is a lovely alternative to 8tracks, with similar functions that make it easy to navigate. there are some small problems i have with it, though. the app runs a bit slowly, making it difficult and slightly annoying to put songs into playlists or scroll through your feed. there is also the fact that you cannot listen to music through the app while on the home/lock screen or in another app. i trust that the playmoss developers are working on these, and i'm excited to see this app grow and improve!


I really like the app, but I wish you could still listen to music with the app closed.

Very good, but some small improvements

I have just recently found this website and app and I really enjoy it! it's a great alternative to 8tracks - much easier to create and find playlists, a less complicated tagging system, and you don't have to pay anything for access to the full site. however, one thing I've noticed when using this app is that songs will stop playing as soon as I leave the app or turn off my screen. it would be wonderful if the music could keep playing when I do these things, but other than that this app is perfect!

Basically Useless

You can't listen to music and be on a different app at the same time, which makes this app almost completely useless.

Great, but has a lot of bugs.

I love this as an alternative of 8tracks, but there is a big bug. Bug- the menus on the bottom must load completely before you can properly switch to another tab. If you dont wait it will keep loading the previous one. Suggestion 1- have a commenting system. On each playlist. Edit: i see u have comments on desktop plz give us access on mobil. Despite all the bugs i do like this app, and i will keep using it. Edit: about half the playlists have tons of songs missing, so thats annoying. Please make a song minimum (at least 5 songs) because some people publish playlists with NO songs and its annoying. Also a way to know if a song isnt working anymore, an email would be nice. Edit 2: the latest update takes away background playing for youtube songs because you tube wants us to pay for it. Ive gotten around that by not updating but its only a matter of time and then i will abandon this app. I know its against yt tos but thats the only reason i looked for this app.

P good

Prior to today when I opened the app (it's been a while since I last did so) and wanted to listen to something I could do other things while listening (scroll through other apps and such), however today after opening it I discovered I could only listen to music while on the app's screen. If I switched apps or went to the home screen the music would pause. I haven't see anything explaining this in update info or the official playmoss account on the site so I'm very confused about the change.

needs work!!

this could be a really great app and maybe an alternative to 8tracks, but right now its hard to use because of all the bugs. also needs work with formatting for larger phone screens, thank you for all your hard work!!

Not their fault but still deal breaker

I recognise that it's YouTube's fault that I can no longer listen to music while doing something else on my phone but I'm still deleting the app because of it.

I love it

But... since the lat update, I know you can't do much, but I used it to listen to Youtube music in background now I can't :(

use this instead of 8tracks

Has some irks - just.. the browsing/features mostly. I like this app A LOT and I always recommend it to people.

easy to use

i really like this app because it's easy to use and i can access all of my favourite tracks from youtube on it!



Really great app

Love it!

Good but needs work.

Love it in theory and has the potential to be great but currently has too many bugs.


First the web version won't play all uploaded videos, and now we have to leave the app and our phone open just to listen to music? I was super impressed with Playmoss, but it looks like it just joined the pile of failed apps along with 8tracks. 😓😩😤


I got This as an alternative to 8tracks and I loved it but I couldn't even enjoy it for a week before the new update which doesn't allow you to listen to music in the background which is what I needed 😑😑😑

Good app, needs some improvements.

I heard about playmoss through tumblr, and it's been a stellar replacement for a certain other app that I won't name (it rhymes with 8snacks). Everything that was lacking in that other app can be found in playmoss! You can easily create playlists on your phone, you can get songs directly from youtube, and you can add as many or as few as you'd like! The only issues I have are the spazzy reloads it does whenever you reach the bottom of a page, and the pausing of playlists when connection is bad (even if 3G/4G is on). Otherwise, I love it!

Really great platform

It's a good way to listen to music from most types of places were music is at in is good for playlists as well

Pretty good

Love the free and easy listening, but there's lots of room for improvement, like not forcing the videos to play, annotating specific song lines (like some people really like), and not forcing people to follow a bunch of pro members. That last one is super annoying

Just what I was looking for

It plays music in the background as well, which is nice

its getting there

love this app but it can be frustrating to use because of how agonizingly slow it can be. Lucky for me I'm a patient person but I know a lot of people who aren't. overall just doesn't feel very smooth to navigate. Full of glitches and crashes sometimes halfway through a playlist. not great, but like I said, it's getting there

Needs Reccomendations

Playmoss is good and easy for making playlists, but I wish there was a reccomendations feature. The front page is just staff picks which are never my style. I just wish it can be easier to find music similar to what I listen to :/


even before 8tracks went wibbly, i liked playmosses format a lot better, there just wasn't many playlists then. there are now, and it's always my go-to for music. absolutely fantastic, leagues above other music apps, bless.

I use it all the time

Since 8tracks started charging I needed a new app to keep track of my playlists and Playmoss has been there for me

Good but needs improvement

This is no doubt a well thought app, and the YouTube URL download link is extremely convenient. However, sometimes it can slow and the playback sound quality from the songs can be quite soft and lackluster. Regardless, I enjoy this app greatly.

Good concept- too many bugs

I was using this for a while since it was a cool/convenient way to make playlists but lately I can barely even play a playlist let alone listen to most of the songs on it due to bugs (I've tried deleting and redownloading). The website works fine so I will continue to use that, but I'm going to have to delete the app until there have been some major bug fixes.


Love this app!! Was looking for alternatives to 8tracks, something I could actually make and edit playlists on from my phone and saw someone recommend this. I love the features such as how simple it is to add songs and make playlists, start from anywhere in the playlist and track, see all the tracks in someone's list, etc. crashes and bugs up sometimes but not a lot. A better social system would be nice but that's just nitpicking. Thanks so much, this app is exactly what I was looking for.

Great app! Needs minor improvements.

I found this after 8tracks started severely limiting how much a user could play. Overall, it's a great app, and it's a great substitution for 8tracks. It's pretty easy to use, but I would love a better tagging system and to be able to see the tags displayed somewhere. The only other thing is it would be better if they had a back button option to backup to the search page instead of having to tap the explore button again. It would even be good to have it back up at the top after scrolling back to the top. The complaints are minor. Overall 4/5 app!

Pretty Good, but Has Some Flaws

For the most part, this app works pretty well, but like some other users, I think there are some kinks that could stand to be worked out. First of all, the individual pages load very slowly for me, and the fact that you can't switch pages while the current page is loading means that if I hit the wrong button, I have to wait a while before going to the page I actually want. The app also seems very sensitive to internet connection, as it declares the connection lost when it's at levels that other apps work fine in. It's a good base, but there's always room to fix bugs and improve performance.

Easy to Use - Will Recommend to Friends

I switched to Playmoss from 8tracks after the latter's terrible misunderstanding of their users and their audience. I must say that even though Playmoss has not had much time to work out kinks on their desktop site or app, there's a lot of flexibility and potential with what I can do with the app. I can watch the original Youtube video the song came from or I can minimize it, which I find very cool. One thing to improve on: On the desktop site, it would be nice if it was easier to follow another user. I found that quite challenging. Also, is the app part of programs like Binge On/Unlimited Music Streaming with T-Mobile or similar service with other providers? The company may want to look into that if it has not already done so. It's kind of make or break for me. People might be afraid to have to use data when they don't on established apps like Spotify.

Great app, but there's some problems

This app is great and a good alternative for 8tracks. But i have problems since I think it's lagging? It's usually just a white screen when it's loading and it keeps crashing when it's not playing


It's a bit slow it also should have the option to search for a playlist or user

Alternative to 8tracks

Bought this as an alternative to 8tracks. The app needs some polishing, but overall it's functional and I would highly recommend it

Nice Alternative To 8tracks

I discovered this app looking for a replacement to 8tracks and wow, I love it. Although there are some things missing from the desktop site like comments and liking tracks in a playlist. Another thing that would be nice is the ability to click a tags from a playlist like on the desktop site to search for similar playlists. Also search function needs work it's not too useful as of now for looking for certain type of playlists. App crashes randomly too sometimes.

Some issues, but overall okay

Hey ! So first of all, this app is a pretty good alternative to 8tracks, and I've seen a lot of good talk about this app on tumblr. However, there are some issues, and I don't think it necessary to repeat the ones others have already mentioned, but personally, I've had issues where I'll be scrolling up and down and then all of a sudden, the screen goes white for a second, as if it's reloading when I didn't ask it to. Its honestly pretty annoying and jarring. Another thing is that since the artwork that shows up as "album artwork" in the Control Center and on the lock screen is the link's artwork, rather than the playlist's artwork, can be confusing because I'm not sure if I'm still on the playlist I began with or not. Lastly, having a section where all of my "liked" playlist could go would be amazing, because most of the time when I like a mix, it's because I have intentions of listening to it later as well, so easier access to them would be wonderful. I'm sure you're getting a lot of traffic lately, so no worries! Keep up the good work!

Very good, needs some improvement

I got this app as an alternative to 8tracks after its most recent update and I have to say, I absolutely love it. I love how easy it is to make playlists and I love how you can see everything in a playlist before you play it. However, there are a few improvements I can suggest. Firstly, when searching for playlists, it would be better if the tags were displayed along with the title. Also, I've noticed that if you go back up to the top of the search page after scrolling through it, they option to see tracks, users, or playlists just....isn't there, so that is in issue that needs to be fixed. Lastly, it would be great if you could view your history, all of the playlists you've recently played and maybe?? have a 'suggested playlists' feature. Like the previous reviewer said, ads are an acceptable way to fund these improvements and are something I think much of the userbase would put up with if it meant improving the quality of the app. Overall I love it and can't wait to see where it goes from here! Also: Typing a word into the explore bar does not necessarily bring up results pertaining to that word, ie; i got techno playlists when searching for opera....not a bad thing but just annoying when you are looking for something specific

Crashing issues

I am currently using an iPhone 5c on iOS 10 The app crashes immediately on launch Cannot use the app

Great app, hopefully will get improvements

Amazing alternative to 8tracks- but needs some improvements. Please: Optimize for iPhone 6 and 7 Add commenting on playlists feature Allow to separate collection into categories General app improvements- app is slow and a little buggy. Banner ads would be acceptable to fund the improvements. I think you'll be experiencing a user base boom

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